Your Permit Simplified

Online Driver's Education

  • The Ultimate Road Trip

    Your journey begins with a login and then be on your way with your driver's ed road trip.

    The Ultimate Road Trip
  • Integrated Video Lessons

    Video lessons on difficult to master skills are integrated into the program.

    Integrated Video Lessons
  • Laptop or tablet - same experience

    Same great, visual experience and interaction on either a laptop or tablet.

    Laptop or tablet - same experience
  • Postcards For Accomplishments

    Upon completing a section, students receive a virtual postcard which can be posted to their favorite social sites.

    Postcards For Accomplishments

Online Driver's Ed Has Never Been This Interesting and Informative!

Our course is like no other driver's ed course.

Scenery collage from the online drivers ed course.Take a virtual road trip! Visit many different cities along the way with interesting and varied sites to see. Along this journey, students navigate through a series of easy to understand driving lessons. This unique online training approach gives the student an opportunity to not only learn about driving but also the natural habitat and history of the various settings of the continental United States.

Navigation through online drivers ed has never been easier.

Easy Navigation

Your progress never more than a click away.

Here, there, and back again. Our course utilizes a navigation toolbar in the user dashboard that allows for easy navigation between various modules and sections. The navigation panel is accessible at any time during your journey. You can revisit driving lessons and places that you have previously visited for a "brush-up".

No Z-z-z's here!

Online drivers ed by will keep you awake.

Our couse is heavily integrated with videos throughout to keep the student actively engaged in the learning process, no falling asleep at this wheel! Many topics in driver's ed are quite complex and are best learned through video lessons. In all of our lessons, the topic dictates the best way to learn each subject.

Sample caution street sign from the online drivers ed course

Quizzes & Tests

Stay Alert!

Just like a real road trip, our virtual driver's ed training road trip presents the student with many challenges in the form of strategically integrated quizzes and tests. Our quizzes and tests are designed to maintain engagement through the use of interactive elements such as multiple choice, drag-n-drop, sound effects and other learning tools to keep the students interest.

Satisfying Experience
Destination on your right!

Online drivers ed from completion badge.

When the student completes the journey our course takes them on, the student has the feeling of actually having gone on a road trip. Our course provides an enjoyable experience where the student truly learns the concepts of driving and has fun while doing it.