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Virginia Teen Drivers Ed License

Steps To Getting A Driver's License

Complete driver training. Select an in-car driving school where you will take [state_information:btw_hours] hours of behind the wheel lessons with a certified instructor.

Practice behind the wheel driving for [state_information:btw_practice_hours] hours. With your parent, guardian, and /or adult driver you must get [state_information:btw_practice_hours] hours of supervised driving practice. You will need to document the hours so keep a notebook handy and log your driving time.

Pass the [state_information:practical_test_name]. Between the [state_information:name] drivers ed you received from, your driving school lessons, and your practice driving, you should be armed and ready for this test. Get signed-up at your local [state_information:office_abbreviation] office and it won't be long before you are smiling again - this time with your newly minted drivers license.