Washington Driver's Ed

  • The Ultimate Road Trip

    Your journey begins with a login and then be on your way with your driver's ed road trip.

    The Ultimate Road Trip
  • Integrated Video Lessons

    Video lessons on difficult to master skills are integrated into the program.

    Integrated Video Lessons
  • Laptop or tablet - same experience

    Same great, visual experience and interaction on either a laptop or tablet.

    Laptop or tablet - same experience
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Supplemental Online Driver's Ed training*

Teen picture taken after completing driver's ed. Get a head start on your driver's ed with our supplemental online driver's ed course for free! You will take a virtual road trip across the U.S., see many great sites, and learn about driving from the experts at igottadrive.com. This course may qualify for a car insurance discount as well. While you learn the rules of the road earn high school high school credits through our learning partner, Orion High School. Practice tests are included and you will be well prepared to pass your Washington "driver's knowledge test" and get your instruction permit for your behind the wheel training

*Does not replace the 30 hours of classroom instruction required by the Washington DOL.

If you're at least 15 years old and pursuing the freedom to drive, the ultimate result of having a driver's license, you will need to know how. In Washington the process of obtaining a driver's license can be quite confusing. Our goal is to take some of the mystery out of the process and get you started with a great supplemental online driver's ed course. Check out each of the tabs for more details on the following steps.

Easy As 1-2-3

  1. Learn the fundamentals of safe driving and good driving skills from the supplemental Online Driver's Ed course from igottadrive.com
  2. Get your Washington instruction permit by successfully passing the driver's knowledge test and registering for a DOL approved Driver Training course. Check with your driving school to see if they provide the driver's knowledge test as part of their program.
  3. Get your driver's license from the Washington Department of Licensing (DOL), after successfully completing Driver Training and then passing the driving test at any Washington testing location. Be sure to inquire about the driving test being part of your driving schools program.

At igottadrive.com we are committed to providing clear and engaging information and coursework so you’ll be ready to handle your driver's knowledge test. We want you to succeed, and you can call or email us any time with questions or concerns about the course.

Important for Washington students

Getting an instruction permit allows you to practice driving on the road under the supervision of a parent, guardian, or adult who is at least 21 years old. The process of obtaining an instruction permit requires you to successfully pass a driver's knowledge test or use a permit waiver issued from your driving school.

Steps to Getting a Driver's Permit

With your instruction permit in hand, it is now time to get in-car training and the necessary experience for taking the driving test. The most important detail is to get as much practice as you can prior to your driving test. Taking trips to run errands with your parents may not sound like fun but can provide you the necessary time behind the wheel.

Steps to Getting a Driver's License

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