3 Tips To Overcome Driving Nerves

It is natural for new drivers to feel nervous about driving, especially during their first lessons or driving exams. With help from an online driving school like iGottaDrive and our team of driving instructors, you can start overcoming your fears and gaining confidence in your driving abilities. Here are three tips you can follow to help you relax as you learn to drive:

1. Practice as Often as Possible

Before driving a car for the first time, take the time to familiarize yourself with all of the controls. Start with the basics, like the ignition, seatbelts, turn signals, and windshield wipers of the vehicle. Once you are familiar with the way the car operates, spend time practicing turns and maneuvers until you feel comfortable. Knowledge, understanding, and consistent practice can help calm driving nerves.

If you are worried about forgetting specific rules of the road, consider taking state-specific online practice tests. At iGottaDrive, all our student drivers have access to three 50-question practice test options. These tests can help you become familiar with traffic laws and prepare you for unexpected road conditions.

2. Work With a Supportive Instructor

Look for a driving instructor who is willing to answer any questions and give supportive feedback on your driving. At iGottaDrive, our courses are created by experienced driving instructors to help students feel as comfortable as possible on the road. In our online-learning format, instructors are available to explain ideas and answer questions via phone or email. We aim to teach students how to drive safely and responsibly while boosting their confidence.

Properly trained driving instructors can teach students basic skills and complex maneuvers. They can provide guidance for students learning to drive for the first time and help improve the skills of returning drivers. Work with a patient and fully-trained driving instructor to help reduce your nerves and learn to drive in a supportive environment.

3. Take It Slow

Driving students may feel rushed to finish their driving tests as quickly as possible. There is no rush to complete your driving courses. iGottaDrive’s online driving school allows you to start, stop, and review your lessons at any time if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Do your best to relax during your driving practice and testing. Focus on performing each task consciously and deliberately. You may have to make a few split-second decisions, but your driving instructor should inform you of any required instructions or maneuvers ahead of time.

Consider practicing breathing techniques while driving. Take several slow, deep breaths when you feel your nerves creeping up. Try to stay positive and present as you apply what you’ve learned to real-life driving scenarios. Before a driving lesson, run through the basics in your mind to get focused:

  • Keep your eyes on the road at all times
  • Avoid unnecessary distractions like cell phones and loud music
  • Adhere to all speed limits and traffic signs

Attend Online Driving School With iGottaDrive

iGottaDrive allows students to learn the fundamentals of driving and traffic laws in a relaxed, online learning environment. Both teens and adults can learn to drive in our online driving school and complete lessons at their own pace. Sign up for an online driving course today to learn the rules of the road and reduce your nerves behind the wheel.

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