4 Car Money Saving Expenses

The costs of owning a car can add up quickly: insurance, petrol, maintenance and repairs all add to the overall expense of having a vehicle. The age of your car doesn’t necessarily affect the price—even brand new cars need regular servicing, and most cars will eventually have complicated electronic problems that can be expensive to replace.

4 car expenses that can hep families save money.

However, looking after your car now means you’re less likely to need expensive repairs in the future. Here are the areas you should tend to regularly to save yourself money in the long run:

Be Insured

One mistake many car owners make is not properly insuring their car, believing or hoping they just won’t be involved in a car crash. Unfortunately, crashes happen, and many times they’re not even your fault. It’s important to have an car insurance policy that covers the expenses. Search online for a range of Australian car insurance quotes to find the best option for you.

Change the Oil

With so many new cars on the road, people are becoming less disciplined at checking the oil levels in their car. But even the latest cars can have issues with oil levels, and it is important to check and replace the oil and filter regularly. There is some dispute revolving around how frequently your oil needs replacing, but it all comes down to the conditions you drive in. Dusty conditions and driving on dirt can clog your filters, and if you don’t keep an eye on your car oil, it could result in your engine seizing. A seized engine is a dead engine. Paying for a new engine is a huge expense compared to a few dollars to change the oil.

Keep Your Tyres in Check

Your car’s tyres take a lot of wear and tear, particularly during summer, when the direct sun breaks down the rubber quickly. Look after your tyres and check their tread and air pressure regularly. By spending a small amount on replacing worn-out tyres at the first sign of stress, you can avoid having your tyres blow out and damaging your wheel axles. Some tyre stores offer special deals, such as Bob Jane T-Marts—they offer the fourth tyre for free when you buy three. Ensure that you have professionally fitted tyres with the right amount of tread, and keep them properly inflated; this can save you a lot of money in the long run. No matter what kind of vehicle you’re working with, whether it’s a 14-wheeler or a dirt bike needing new tyres or other motorcycle parts, always keep your ride and its wheels in check!

Regular Check-Up

Take your car for regular service to help ensure its longevity. While paying for a service visit every six months to a year may seem like an additional expense you just don’t need, make sure you have a professional mechanic check your car for any issues on a regular basis. He can spot potential problems before they turn into emergencies, and you just may save yourself from having to deal with large repairs in the future—plus, doing so helps main its resale value. 

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