Adult Texting And Driving

As it turns out, adults text more often than teens while driving their cars according to a survey by AT&T. And even more significant is that adults know this practice is dangerous and is something they should not be doing. According to the survey, almost half of adults vs. 43% of teens text while driving. And 98% of the adults admit they know they should not be texting while driving. All driver’s ed courses taken by teens today teach about the dangers of texting and driving – maybe adult drivers need a refresher online driver’s ed course?

Adult driving while texting is increasing and very dangerous.

And what’s worse is that adults are increasingly texting while driving. 60% of adults texting today said they never did it three years ago, which means this number is going the wrong way. Even though driving while texting is banned in 39 states plus the District Of Columbia, this practice continues to be on the rise. On an average day, more than 9 people are killed and over 1,060 people are injured in crashes related to distracted driving. Even with those staggering numbers, these unsafe practices are growing.

A few items for consideration:

  • The awareness campaigns about texting and driving are working as virtually all adults know it is wrong to text and drive. However the campaigns are failing to have a positive impact.
  • It is surprising that adults now are the biggest offenders at this point. In the past, teens were regarded as the main offenders but adults need to be factored into the equation.
  • Given the number of related crashes, it is hard to understand why people continue to text and drive. Obviously its compelling to stay in touch and be productive throughout the day, but at what cost?
  • The worst part is that “texters” are putting others at danger, including innocent bystanders and children. Studies have shown that driving is greatly impaired while texting and driving.

The battle continues, even though at times it appears to be a loosing battle. We urge everyone to please put down that phone while driving and help make the highways safer for everyone.

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