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Customer Affiliate Program

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Referral program?

Simply share your personal referral code from your account page with as many people as you can through email or your social profiles and receive a $10 Amazon gift card for every referral who uses your code to purchase online drivers ed.

How do I know if my code was used?

We will email you a small report along with your Amazon gift cards.

What are the best ways to share my code?

1) Cut and paste your code and post it with a simple description of the deal on all of your social network sites like Facebook, instagram, and google plus.

2) You can also write a small blog piece about the deal and place your code in the blog.

3) Email your code to your friends and family and have them share it as well.

How do I get paid with Amazon cards?

Upon verification of each of your referral purchases you are emailed an Amazon gift card. You receive a $10 email gift card per referral up to $500 per year.

What do my friends get when they use my code?

They receive a 50% or better discount for our online driver education course.