Avoid Truck Blind Spots

Most people have heard about the blind spots that are inherent with large trucks. It is also a topic taught in all driver’s ed courses but somehow drivers still don’t understand the importance of not driving in these blind spots. This video shows the danger involved in driving in a truck’s blind spot. 

The video shows the vantage point from the truck driver’s perspective. Most drivers don’t have an appreciation of these large blind spots that impede the driver’s vision. Remember these important points from the video:

  • Many drivers don’t realize that all large trucks have blind spots.
  • These blind spots are areas on the road where the driver of the truck literally can not see other vehicles that are driving in those spots.
  • Large trucks also do not maneuver quickly and will have a difficult time changing direction once committed to making a move into another lane.
  • If you cannot see the truck drivers’ eyes in his mirrors, then you are driving in the truck’s blind spot.
  • If you need to drive through a truck’s blind spot, do so quickly and do not stay there any longer than necessary.

Avoiding truck blind spots will make your driving safer and less stressful. When driving around a large truck, just take a few seconds to make sure you can see the truck drivers eyes and if not, move out of the bind spot as soon as possible while driving safely.

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