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Parent teen driving agreement

Parent teen driving agreement
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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has developed an agreement that forms a “contract” between newly minted teen drivers and their parents. When a teen gets their driver’s license, it is a stressful and dangerous time for the teen and their parents. Even though the teen has taken the best driver’s education available and worked diligently with their parent to drive the required number of practice hours, driving alone is a very different experience.

Parent teen driving agreement.

The teen, along with their parents, should review each item in the agreement and come to conclusion on each item. Each item should be agreed-upon, checked, and the blanks filled-in where necessary. Once the agreement is complete, both teen and parents should sign and date the agreement. Then place the agreement in a prominent place in your home and refer back to this agreement when any driving-related issues arise. Please visit our Parent Teen Agreement page and download the agreement, which is the first step to making a safe driving experience for teen drivers.

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