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  • The Ultimate Road Trip

    Your journey begins with a login and then be on your way with your driver's ed road trip.

    The Ultimate Road Trip
  • Integrated Video Lessons

    Video lessons on difficult to master skills are integrated into the program.

    Integrated Video Lessons
  • Laptop or tablet - same experience

    Same great, visual experience and interaction on either a laptop or tablet.

    Laptop or tablet - same experience
  • Postcards For Accomplishments

    Upon completing a section, students receive a virtual postcard which can be posted to their favorite social sites.

    Postcards For Accomplishments

A Driver's Ed Course Fully Licensed by the California DMV

California DMV license # 4582.
The Online Drivers Ed course is licensed by the California DMV (license # 4582) to replace the standard 30 hours of classroom time that must be completed by all future drivers. This course is designed to introduce you to all the fundamentals of safe driving while preparing you to receive your permit and then your California driver's license.

When you complete the course, you will receive a California Certificate Of Completion, which can be used to get your driver’s permit. Expedited certificate shipping available. You can also earn high school credits through our learning partner, Orion High School. This could also qualify you for a car insurance discount as well. We are committed to providing the knowledge you need to pass your “skills & knowledge test” and get out on the road and be a safe driver.

You can get your California driver’s license quickly and easily through our simple 3-step process. As long as you’re over 15.5 years old, you can become a fully licensed driver without all the stress. California’s process for obtaining a license can be confusing and difficult if you’re doing it alone. We want to make it as easy as possible to avoid the hassle and complete your coursework.

Easy As 1-2-3

  1. Learn the fundamentals of safe driving and improve your skills with an online driver’s ed course from
  2. Receive your permit from the California DMV after passing the “skills & knowledge test” at the local DMV.
  3. Get your California driver’s license from the DMV by passing the “driving test” at the DMV

Course Details

  • At we are dedicated to your success. You can call or email us with all your questions or concerns.
  • If there are any applicable discounts to the product price, they will be applied at the time of checkout.
  • The price includes issuing and mailing your Certificate Of Completion. Allow 3 – 4 days to process the certificate and another 5 days for U.S. mail (which may vary based on your location).
  • The course is licensed by the state of California (Lic. # 4582) to replace the required 30 hours of classroom time. Actual time spent may vary depending on your efforts.
  • The course is based on the success of over 10,000 students who have learned to drive safely.
  • Earn high school credits through this online course.
  • Work at your own pace and on your own time. Go back and review challenging section 24/7 to ace the course.
  • The course uses graphics, video, driving maneuvers, and lessons to increase engagement and hold your interest.
  • There are multiple tests in each section that are designed to increase retention and strengthen your driving knowledge.
  • The final test can be taken multiple times until you pass. You can also use it as a practice run for your DMV  driver’s permit test.
  • You will receive your DMV certified “Certificate Of Completion” (form DL400c) when you finish the course.
  • Get started today to quickly earn your completion certificate.
  • Get the same experience on a laptop or iPad, so you can work on the course from any location.
  • We are confident with our online driver’s ed course for California residents and believe you will find it useful.

A driver’s permit allows a student to practice maneuvers on the road, as long as they are under the supervision of a parent, guardian, or adult who is at least 21 years old. You will need to successfully complete the driver’s ed course and pass the "skills & knowledge test" test at your local California DMV to acquire your permit, and we can help you through the process.

The Simple Steps to get a Permit

  1. Register and purchase the online driver's ed course - Our course is based on modern instructional techniques and leverages the most recent research on safe driving. Our fees are all inclusive, and we never charge for extras (such as for the Certificate Of Completion).

  2. Complete your course - Spending sufficient time on your coursework will provide the skills you need to pass the test and turn you into a safer driver.

  3. Get your completion certificate. will provide a Certificate Of Completion when you successfully finish your course. We are a California accredited organization, which means these certificates are accepted by all DMV offices in the state. We will mail the certificate after processing.

  4. Head to your local DMV office - Take your Certificate Of Completion (form DL400C), your birth certificate, and $31 to the DMV office. (The money is for the DMV’s processing fee.)

  5. Fill out form DL 44 - The DMV office will provide you with application form DL 44, which will require your thumbprint and social security number to complete. Once it is filled out, you will be able to take your skills & knowledge test test.

  6. Take and pass the "traffic laws and sign" test - You will also have to pass this test at the DMV office. The coursework is designed to prepare you with the knowledge you need to pass all the required tests.

  7. Get your picture - Finally, you need to have your picture taken by the DMV.

  8. Congratulations! - You’re there. You can now start practicing your driving skills with a parent, guardian, or other adult over the age of 21.

With your permit in hand, it is now time to get in-car training and necessary experience for taking the road test at the DMV. The most important detail is to get practice, practice, and more practice behind the wheel. It has been demonstrated novice drivers with more supervised practice will become safer drivers, so don't skimp on the practice!

Once you have secured your permit, it’s time to start your in-car training to prepare for the road test at the DMV. It will take a lot of hands-on practice, but the more you work at your skills the easier the final test will be. Spend as much time as you can behind the wheel and under the supervision of an experienced driver, and you’ll be ready for every aspect of the driving test.

The Final Steps

  1. Complete your training -  Choose an in-car driving school where you can complete 6 hours of lessons behind the wheel with a certified instructor.
  2. Get at least 50 hours of practice -  You need to have at least 50 hours of practice with a parent, guardian, or adult over 21. This kind of supervised driving practice needs to be documented, so keep a notebook with you at all times and log your driving time
  3. Pass the test - Between everything you learned from, the driving school lessons, and the time spent working on your skills, you should be ready to handle this test. Sign up at the local DMV office, be confident, and look forward to receiving your new DMV driver’s license.

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