Most Dangerous Driving Hours

When teaching teens how to drive, it is natural to incorporate common sense items that are encountered every day. For example, the greater car control skills that teen drivers develop the better, makes sense, right? But hold on, studies have shown that teens who have developed their car control skills too finely actually have more

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Privacy In Your Car

Nowhere is the idea of personal freedom more ingrained than in the automobile. In the U.S., the entire car industry was built around the notion of bringing true mobility to the masses. And along with this was the notion that people’s personal freedoms were enhanced with this mobility. One of the main reasons people go

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Aluminum Powered Cars

Just off the newswire is the notion of “aluminum powered cars” – a headline that when first read does not even make sense. However, being one interested in technology I thought it was worth taking a look to see what this was all about. An Israeli company named Alchemy Research has developed a technology for

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The Successful Model T

In a recent article on the the best selling cars of all time, incredibly the Ford Model T was the 8th best selling car of all time. After reading this article, the success of the Model T caused me to do a little further research which I thought worth sharing. Chalk this up to curiosity,

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