Driving Tips

Driving Wheel Palming

A driving technique, known as “palming the wheel”, is a very useful driving skill. For those aspiring drivers who have just completed online drivers ed as well as veteran adult drivers, this driving tip video shows the proper method for palming and how to develop the skill through practice.

Getting Un-stuck In Winter Snow

Winter is upon us in many areas and its time to learn some skills related to driving in winter conditions. This video driving tip includes a few methods for getting “un-stuck” from sticky road situations. Drivers who have just completed online drivers ed as well as veteran drivers can both benefit from honing these skills.

Learning To Drive In The Snow

Driving in the snow can be a harrowing experience, even for experienced drivers. This video driving tip demonstrates basic skills for driving in the snow and methods for practicing those skills. So whether you’ve just completed online drivers ed or getting ready for that first snow fall, this video will get you ready.

Parallel Parking

Parallel parking is one of the most dreaded maneuvers for those taking drivers ed and experienced drivers alike. From our driving tips, this video shows a step by step process, including setting up targets, which make it much easier to become proficient at parallel parking. So whether you’re taking online drivers ed or are an …

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Driving Traction On Snow

One of the keys to safe, effective driving on snow covered roads is the ability to maintain traction on this slippery surface. If you’re driving on your daily commute, going to the mountains, or just finishing driver’s ed, this video will help you increase your snow driving skills.

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