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Colorado Pre Registration Code

Colorado Pre Registration Code

What is a Pre-Registration Code?

The Colorado DMV requires all students to pre-register their personal information with the State of Colorado before completing their course. This allows you to confirm which documents you will bring to the DMV on test day and should streamline the process of obtaining your license. If you already have a pre-registration code, please enter it in the corresponding field on your “my account” page. If you do not have a pre-registration code, please follow the directions below to obtain one. You must enter a pre-registration code before you can complete your course.

How do I get a Pre-Registration Code?

If you need to obtain a pre-registration code please follow the steps below.

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Apply for a Driver License or ID”.
  3. Click “Next”.
  4. Answer first question and enter date of birth, then click “Next”.
  5. Select which document you are applying for and click “Next”.
  6. Enter information and click “Click to Verify Address”. Select the verified address and click “Next”.
  7. Answer question and click “Next”.
  8. Answer question and click “Next”.
  9. Answer question and click “Next”.
  10. Answer question and click “Next”.
  11. Answer question and click “Next”.
  12. Select which document you will produce at the DMV to validate your full name and click “Next”.
  13. From the drop-down menu, select which document you will produce at the DMV to validate your social security number and click “Next”.
  14. Select two different documents you will produce at the DMV to validate your address and click “Next”.
  15. Review the documents you have chosen to bring to the DMV to validate your information and click “Next” to confirm.
  16. Select whether or not you would like to receive a reminder 45 days before your ID or license expires and click “Next”.
  17. Enter and re-enter your email address then click “Next”.
  18. REVIEW the information that was entered and click “Submit” if everything was correct. If any information is not correct, click “Previous” to get to the screen with incorrect information.
  19. After submitting the correct information you will receive a confirmation number. Enter your confirmation number in the appropriate field on your “my account” page and continue towards completing your course!

If you have any questions our support team will be happy to assist you! Email: