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Childrens Hospital

You Save, We Donate

You save 10%, We donate 10%



By using this coupon code Childrens10off when you checkout, you will save 10% off of your purchase. We will also donate 10% of the purchase price to the Children's Hospital. It's a win win win scenerio. You win by saving money, we win by getting better drivers on the road through our course, and the children win by getting some extra resources to make their lives a little bit better. Thank you so much for helping everyone win.

It's as easy as 1...2...3.

  1. Pick the state that you live in from the selector on the right.
  2. Pick the course that suits your needs.
  3. Continue to checkout and use coupon code Childrens10off

That's it. You've just helped a lot of children in need. Thank you for your kindness.