How Can I Encourage a New Teen Driver?

It can be scary for a new teen driver to learn the knowledge and skills necessary to operate a vehicle. You can do several things to encourage your teen driver when learning how to drive. Enroll your teen in an online driving school to help them learn to drive.

Here is why you should choose an online school and five tips on how you can encourage your teen driver:

Why Online Driving School? 

When it’s time to sign your teen up for driver’s ed, choose a program that fits their busy schedule. iGottaDrive has developed a program with a unique curriculum. Students can start and stop lessons at any time. There aren’t time limits on completing modules, and each module is available for review after completion. 

iGottaDrive provides students with an interactive learning environment accessible from the comfort of their homes. Lessons include graphics and videos to support the information they are learning. Our goal is for students to learn the material to pass their licensing test and become safe drivers. 

1. Create a Fun and Relaxed Environment

Your teen might feel intimidated when they get behind the wheel and practice driving skills. Try to create a fun and relaxed environment. Talk to them before you begin practicing. Let your teen know they don’t have to drive perfectly and that driving is a skill that improves over time. 

While you don’t want to add distractions to the learning environment, like loud music, you can still have fun while your teen is practicing. Keep the conversation light, and try not to pressure your teen. One thing you can do is share stories of what it was like when you learned how to drive.  

2. Create Boundaries and Establish Rules

As your teenager learns to drive, they will need to understand the boundaries and rules you have for them. Create boundaries and rules before they begin to drive and only change them when necessary. When your teen understands what they can and cannot do while driving, they will feel comfortable knowing they aren’t breaking the rules.

Use the state laws to help guide the rules you place on your child. Many states have limitations on how many passengers can be in a car with a new driver until they reach a certain age. Your city might have a curfew for new drivers. You can add additional rules like speed limits or miles driven per week.

It is a good idea to set physical boundaries for where your child can drive when they get their license. Practice driving within the perimeter so they are comfortable with the roads and traffic patterns. Knowing the boundaries of where they can drive will encourage your driver and help them feel comfortable while driving. 

3. Praise Good Driving Skills

When your teen does a great job while practicing a new skill or completing a tricky maneuver, you can motivate them by praising their hard work. They will gain confidence when they know they are driving well. Make sure you are always genuine when you praise your teen driver. They can tell if you are being fake or unrealistic. 

4. Offer Advice and Answer Questions

New teen drivers often look to the person teaching them to drive for advice. Do your best not to belittle them while they are learning. If they make a mistake, offer advice on how they can improve and move on. Don’t dwell on a minor error. You can help them be a better driver by suggesting what they can do to improve the next time they are in a similar situation. 

Keep things positive as they are learning. Negativity can demotivate a new driver and discourage them from learning the skills they need to be safe on the road. 

Your teen driver might have many questions when they first start to practice. Answer questions to the best of your ability. If you are unsure of the answer, don’t guess. Help your teen look up the answer to their question, so they don’t have incorrect information while driving. 

5. Use Resources for Reinforcement

If you are struggling to help your teen learn to drive, use the different resources available to you through their online driver’s ed program. iGottaDrive provides practice tests to reinforce the knowledge they need and videos to strengthen the skills they have to have. 

Encourage your teen to use the resources available to them when needed. Positive reinforcement will encourage your teen to make good driving decisions, even when you’re not in the car. 

Choose iGottaDrive for Online Driver’s Ed

iGottaDrive’s online driver’s ed program is perfect for new teen drivers. Your teen can work at their pace to learn the information they need to pass their driver’s test. We provide practice tests, video resources, and access to completed lessons. Our unique approach sets your new driver up for success so they may be able to pass their driver’s permit test the first time.

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