How Do Driving Schools Work?

If you or your teenager are ready to get a license, you may want to consider a driving school. A driving school can help you or your teenager gain the skills needed to pass the driving test and get a license. iGottadrive offers classes and materials to help people pass the requirements and become great drivers; here’s how it works:

Getting a License

iGottadrive provides teenagers with fun, engaging material. We teach them the rules of the road in a fun, practical way. Classes shouldn’t have to be a drag; we can prepare them for the road while still making it fun and interesting!

We offer Hit the Road, an online driver’s course that takes you on a virtual trip around the US. Along the way, you learn everything you need to know to get your license, including complicated skills like parallel parking.

The best part? The program doesn’t have a start or end date. You can work at your own pace and review difficult sections. It includes full-color graphics along with videos to make each concept more interesting and memorable. You’ll deal with various scenarios on the highways to help you understand what to do in a similar situation in real life.

Passing the Test

When you take a course from a driving school, the goal is to be able to pass your exam and get a permit. iGottadrive helps you be better prepared with the ability to take the final exam over and over until you know the material. You don’t need to pay extra for multiple tests.

Once you pass our exam, you’re prepared to take the written test to get your driver’s permit. You’ll pass the first time since you already know the information being presented.

The course teaches you everything you need to know to handle the road. You’ll learn all about your car, including how to adjust your seat to be in the proper position. This course also helps teens understand the most commonly misunderstood rules of the road, such as when it’s your turn at a four-way stop or how to parallel park.

Learning Road Safety

An online driving school teaches you how to be safe on the road. Students learn defensive driving techniques to be prepared for real-life situations.

As a parent, you will feel better about the time when your teen daughter or son gets behind the wheel. They will have memorized important rules and dealt with various situations through the simulated driving course.

Taking Online Courses

Our courses can cover the required hours of classroom instruction for a driver’s license. For instance, iGottadrive covers the required 30 hours needed in California, 24 for Ohio, and so forth for each state based on its requirements.

A driving school will provide the instruction to make sure students are ready to move on to the practice portion of learning to drive. At this point, the student will get behind the wheel of a vehicle with an instructor.

After the Test

Once you’ve passed the test from iGottadrive, you will go to a local licensing facility to pass the exam for a permit. After you receive a passing score and get your permit, you will need to sign up for a driving school where you will get behind the wheel with an instructor. They will walk you through the practical portion of learning to drive.

You will perform various tasks, such as making right turns, parallel parking, and backing up. The course will require you to apply the instructions you learned in the classroom or online. Once you have completed the required number of hours behind the wheel, you will be able to take your driver’s test. If you pass, you will receive your driver’s license.

Get Started With a Driving School

If you’re ready for your teen to start learning the rules of the road for their permit, you can sign up online with iGottadrive. Just select your state and choose from our available packages.

You can select the basic package, which provides you with online driver’s education. Another option is the preferred package with unlimited practice tests. This package is ideal if you need more practice to feel confident about taking an exam. The premium version includes the course, the practice test, and the permit prep course.

You can purchase the practice tests and permit prep course separately if you just need a refresher to get your state driver’s license. Each package is customized to specific needs based on your level of driving experience and study needs.

Let iGottadrive help you get prepared for your driving test with our online driving course. Our course provides a fun way to learn the information you need to stay safe and follow the laws of the road. Get started with one of our driving courses to help you or your teen become a safe and confident driver.

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