How Long Does Driving School Last?

Entering driving school can be intimidating. For years you have seen others drive around as if it is the easiest thing. We suggest researching an available driving school to get a more in-depth perspective to make the process less stressful. iGottadrive can give you or your parents the information you need to move forward. 

Who Is iGottadrive? 

iGottadrive is an online driver’s education program. We provide driver licensing requirements, program information, instructional videos, and more. Currently, we have our program active in two states: Colorado and Ohio.

How Does Our Driving School Work? 

For Students

Once you have been signed up, you will go through our program, “Hit The Road.” It takes you on a virtual road trip throughout the United States. Throughout the trip, you will learn the basics of driving, from how to use a seatbelt to more complex information like parallel parking. 

Our program allows you to start and stop your trip at any time. This gives you access to go back and review any sections you may need to re-review. We use high-quality graphics and videos to make your online driving experience as realistic as possible. The program has several learning interactions to keep you engaged while learning. When you get to the end of your course, you do not need to be apprehensive about the final exam of our course because you get to take it as many times as needed until you pass. 

You can become a safe and intelligent driver while taking the course. Once you successfully complete the course, you should be ready to take the driver’s permit exam and pass your first try. 

For Parents 

Our program has a passing rate of 99.2% and is convenient for you and your students/loved ones. Our online and mobile-friendly program keeps your student engaged and learning. With the help of the mobile application, you will not have to not worry about taking your student to and from driving school. Once our program is completed by your student, they should be ready to take and pass their driver’s permit test. 

Our online driving school course fulfills the driver’s education classroom requirements for each state where we are licensed. This program can also be used as additional training in other states. 

While your student is going through the driver’s education program, we are here to answer any questions they may have. The team that created this program has experience teaching over 10,000 students. We also use evidence-based research on safe driver protocols. We understand that you want your child to learn to drive safely and our iGottadrive instructors can help. 

How Long Does the Course Last? 

The driver’s ed course takes a different amount of time depending on which state you reside in. For Colorado, our course covers the 50-hour drive time state requirement. Our Ohio course was made to replace the 24-hour state course. The time limit has a maximum of four hours a day with breaks added in. You or your student should take a minimum of six days to complete it. 

What Else Should I Know Before Beginning? 

Practice Tests

We offer state-specific online drivers practice permit testing. 

Basic: The basic version of this test is best for before your exam. It includes 50 questions, one test, optimization for your mobile device, and a test review. 

Premium: Our premium practice tests are best to take right before your permit test. There are a variety of questions (250 in total); it is state-specific and has an unlimited amount of tests available, a test review, and is also optimized for your mobile device. 

Advanced: The advanced practice test is meant to help you prepare for your license. It has a pool of 100 questions, ten tests available, accessible on your mobile device, and you get a test review.  

How Many Times Can I Take the Final Exam? 

Once you have gone through the course in its entirety, you are able to take the final exam two different times. When you pass your exam we will mail you your certificate, which takes seven to ten days. If you want your certificate faster you can pay an extra amount to have it sent within four to five days.

Why Choose iGottadrive As Your Driving School?

At iGottadrive, we want to give you or your student the best resources available. Our team will be there every step of the driving school course. Our 99.2% success rate can give your student the confidence to pass the test and begin driving safely. The unique online course environment we offer allows our students to focus on the information they are being taught without the distractions of a physical classroom. Driver education should not be stressful. Let us here at iGottadrive show you how simple it can be. Contact us today.

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