How Much Driving Practice Do I Need?

Learning how to drive is a key step in any teen’s or adult’s life as it offers convenience and mobility—you don’t need to ask for help getting anywhere you want to go. iGottadrive can bring you one step closer to getting your driver’s license by taking you through your state’s required driving lessons. The lessons are offered online, so you can take them when it’s the most convenient for you. 

How Long Should I Practice?

You should practice until you meet your state’s permit requirements and are confident enough to pass your test. Each state is different, so you’ll need to research your laws. Here are the requirements for the states in which we currently offer driving lessons:


Ohio’s Department of Public Safety (DPS) requires learners to complete at least 24 hours of classroom education before sitting for their permits. Our program takes you through four hours of learning per day. This means you can finish practicing in as little as six days if you’re committed to the process. This isn’t to say you should finish practicing within six days—you can take as long as you need and only take your test when you’re ready. 

Our coursework and practice tests are designed to prepare you for any question you may face on your permit test, increasing your chances of passing. After getting your permit, practice often and for as long as you need to be ready for your on-the-road driving test. 


Colorado has more detailed requirements for driving practices, which we can help you navigate. Our coursework is approved by the Colorado Department of Revenue, Division of Motor Vehicles, so rest assured you’ll learn everything you need. After completing the 24-hour classroom learning, you can apply for an instruction permit, bringing you one step closer to your license. 

Colorado requires students with a learner’s permit to log at least 50 hours of driving time, 10 being at night, after acquiring their instruction permits. The state also requires you to practice behind-the-wheel driving for at least six hours. This should be under the guidance of a licensed professional if you’re below 16.5 years old. We can provide a list of on-the-road driving schools near your location to help you meet this requirement. 


Texas requires anyone pursuing a driver’s license to take at least 32 hours of classroom education before sitting for a permit exam. Our Texas driving coursework is available for you throughout so you can determine your learning pace—you can complete practicing for your test within days, weeks, or months. After getting your permit, you can use our driving school locator to find your nearest on-the-road driving school before applying for your license. 

Driving Practice Tips 

You can better your chances of getting a license by following these driving practice tips:

Drive in Different Conditions and Times 

You can boost your confidence by practicing driving at different times of the year. For example, you can practice driving in the snow if your area snows or at varying times of the day—practice in the morning, when roads are the busiest, to prepare yourself for gridlocks, and at night, to test your driving skills when the roads are clear. 

We can help you with your on-the-road driving practice through our educational driving videos and tips. The videos cover everything from adjusting your mirrors when practicing driving to driving in the snow. You can watch them as often as you need to be confident in your driving. 

Review Learning Material 

You can remember your coursework by reviewing your learning materials often and taking as many practice tests as you need. iGottadrive gives you complete access to driving resources so you can relearn whatever you need at any time. 

Learn From a Qualified Supervisor 

It may be tempting to get your lessons from a parent or friend, but this isn’t recommended. A qualified driving instructor is likely to teach you more skills because of their experience on the road. You can learn some skills virtually from our licensed driving instructors. Use our driving school locator to get some hands-on guidance. 

Practice Your Driving in Different Areas 

Some learners assume that driving the same routes is sufficient as long as they log their states’ required driving hours. Different roads vary in terms of navigation difficulty—challenging yourself by using different paths during your practice sessions can help you further develop your skills.

You can switch out driving in an empty parking lot with driving on a dirt road. This can help you learn how to navigate bumps, but you should have a qualified instructor with you.

We Can Help With Your Driving Lessons 

Driving lessons are necessary for anyone pursuing a driver’s license. They teach you about road rules and regulations and instill the confidence you need to drive. Everyone is different, so you may need more or less driving practice than other learners—you need to meet your state’s driving practice requirements and practice as much and for as long as necessary until you’re confident in your skills. 

iGottadrive offers online driving programs that can help you get your license quickly. Our coursework has helped over 10,000 Ohio, Texas, and Colorado students get their learner’s permits. You, too, can get yours by enrolling in our driving lessons. 

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