How to Avoid Common Traffic Violations in Ohio

Have you gotten a ticket for a traffic violation? Maybe next time you want to prevent the problem before it occurs. The best way to avoid getting a ticket is by learning the rules of the road through a driving school. iGottadrive can teach you what you need to know to be on the right side of the law when you’re behind the wheel.

Know the Common Traffic Violations in Ohio

Sometimes it’s easy to forget or ignore a traffic law while driving. Some of the most common traffic violations that happen include speeding, failing to stop at a stop sign, failing to yield, texting while driving, and operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol.

These violations are more than just breaking the law. They can lead to a major accident or a serious injury. Even though you may not mean for something to happen, disobeying the law of the road can have a negative impact on your life now and in the future.

You can avoid getting a traffic ticket just by being more aware of how you drive and how to be safe on the road. Besides saving money by not having to pay those fines, you’ll feel more confident when the unexpected happens on the road. One way to make sure you knkow the rules of the road is to take a good driver’s education course, or even a refresher course to go over the material.

Obey the Rules of the Road

iGottaDrive has several different courses that can help you better learn the rules of the road. One of these programs includes a parent-teen driving agreement. The teen reviews each statement and agrees to it with a checkmark. The parent can place restrictions and include penalties for not keeping the agreement.

Statements are based on common laws of the road in Ohio, which will help you avoid getting a traffic violation if you are in the habit of following your agreement. For instance, it states that you will always wear a seatbelt and make sure all passengers do as well. You agree to obey all stop signs and traffic lights and follow road markers.

The agreement includes staying within the speed limit, and not texting while driving or talking on the phone. The teen agrees to pay for any traffic violations and parking tickets they receive. Having this agreement in place helps the student be more aware of their responsibilities, which can reduce the risk of getting a traffic violation while driving.

Learn at Your Own Pace With Online Driving School

iGottadrive offers an online course to replace classroom education to get your driver’s license. You can study anytime, anywhere as long as you have a device connected to the internet. If you need more study time, you can re-read information until you have it memorized. You don’t have to hurry to try to keep up like you would in a classroom setting.

Once you have completed the material and know the rules of the road, you will take the test to prove your knowledge. Once you pass the test, you will receive a certificate of completion to get your driver’s permit.

Have Fun Learning To Drive

It’s a lot easier to remember information when it’s interesting. Teens especially will be more engaged with a course that allows them to interact. iGottadrive’s program takes you across the country with a virtual road trip. At the same time, you are learning the skills necessary to be a safe driver.

The course includes graphics and videos, which help you remember the material. Students will find it easier to remember information when it’s presented in multiple formats. You also have the option to take the final test two times or practice tests as often as necessary until you pass. Knowing this takes a lot of pressure off you to do it perfectly the first time.

Take the Online Driving Course as a Refresher

New teen drivers aren’t the only ones who benefit from this course from iGottadrive. Adults who need to refresh their memories about being a safe driver will also find this course valuable. Perhaps you have already gotten a few tickets and want to reduce your points. Taking this course will help you become a better driver in the future.

Other Benefits of Driving School Instruction

Besides passing your exam and keeping you safe on the road, taking our online course can benefit you in other ways. You can lower your car insurance by completing the instruction. Many insurance providers offer discounts for having taken a safe driving course.

This course will help you recognize when you’re in an unsafe situation even if you aren’t the driver. You or your teen son or daughter will be less likely to get in a car with a distracted or intoxicated driver when they are more aware of driving safety.

If you or your teenager need to get your license or take a refresher for your driving skills, consider the online driving school program from iGottadrive. Let us help you be the best driver you can be and avoid all those traffic violations that could mean a costly ticket.

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