Indiana Teen Drivers Ed Permit |
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Indiana Teen Drivers Ed Permit

The simple steps to get a permit:

  1. Register and Purchase online drivers Ed course. Our course is designed using modern instructional techniques and is based on the most up to date research. 
  2. Successfully complete your online Drivers Ed course. The time you spend in our course will not only provide you what's needed to pass your driver permit test, but also put you on the road to becoming and safe driver.
  3. Proceed to local BMV office. Take your Birth Certificate, required additional documents, and a form of payment with you to the BMV office. The fee is paid directly to the BMV as a processing fee.
  4. Pass the Indiana BMV written knowledge test test. You will need to take this test at the BMV office. Fear not, the instruction you received from will have prepared you to pass the "written knowledge test" test the first time.
  5. Smile for the camera. The last step to getting your permit is having your picture taken at the BMV office. Be sure to smile and look good for your newly minted permit.
  6. Congratulations! Smile. With your permit in hand, you can now legally drive in the presence of your parent, guardian, or an adult over 21 years of age.

Now that you have completed your Indiana Drivers Ed and have your permit in hand, it is now time to get in-car training and necessary experience for taking the road test at the BMV. The most important detail is to get practice, practice, and more practice behind the wheel. It has been demonstrated novice drivers with more supervised practice will become safer drivers, so don't skimp on the practice!

Information about IN teen permit.