Mirrors, Mirrors, Mirrors

I can’t stress enough the importance of the proper setup and use of mirrors. They are literally one of the key safety devices on a car and most people take them for granted. My goal in this blog is to convince you to take using your mirrors seriously. We consider this so important that we have two driving tips available for Mirror Setup and then Mirror Use.

The sad part is that the majority of people have their side mirrors setup to get a great view of the sides of their car. I guess they’re aafraid that various parts of their cars will run away without them knowing abou it! I don’t think this has ever happened so why not take a fresh approach and try using your mirrors to their utmost. At first, the view from the side mirrors will be very different and quite uncomfortable. And using those newly setup mirrors requires some “retraining” and practice to create a good habit.

When travelling in traffic, your mirrors will now provide you with a great deal more information about the surrounding traffic. It is truly amazing as you see cars come into view that were previously in your “blind spots”. As a matter of fact, when done correctly using your mirrors will virtually elimate those nasty blind spots. Think of the increase in confidence you have when changing lanes. And you will be much more relaxed driving in traffic.

So, please read our driving tips on mirrors, setup them up properly, and start practicing using them to their fullest. You will be amazed how this will change your driving!

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