New Year Driving Resolutions

2013 is just around the corner and its time to get with those New Year resolutions. Of course, at this site we focus on the top “driving resolutions” that we think everyone should consider. There are so many to consider and we left out the driving items talked about on a daily basis, such as “don’t drink & drive” and “no distracted driving”. Most of the recommended resolutions in this article are glossed over in drivers ed where they really should be emphasized. Here are the top 5 items for consideration as 2013 New Year’s driving resolutions:

  • Watch for walkers. So many times I have witnessed people almost getting run over in the crosswalk. And they were crossing properly with a “walk” signal. To state an overused phrase, “give them a brake”.
  • Go on the green arrow. When approaching an intersection and there is a green arrow in the direction you are traveling, you may proceed without stopping. It is appropriate to scan the intersection to make sure that everyone is following the rules, but then please proceed ahead. I often wonder how many rear end collisions have been caused by drivers who stop when they have the right of way.
  • Don’t tailgate. Following too closely, as its known in the statutes, will only cause trouble. It sets up a dangerous situation when the lead car has to stop abruptly and the car following too closely crashes into the lead car. It also puts additional stress on both drivers which is a distraction in itself.
  • Don’t stop unnecessarily upon entering a roundabout. If there is are no other cars in the roundabout proceed directly into the roundabout without stopping. Unecessariliy stopping sets up a dangerous situation because cars that are following into the roundabout do not expect cars to stop when they have the right of way.
  • Move to the right. The Winner of the top spot is the infamous “left lane camper”. Please read our Left Lane Campers article and check out our Move To The Right infographic. Left lane camping wins the trifecta when it comes to bad driving as it is: dangerous, against the law, and discourteous.

If you have paid attention, all of these resolutions have a common theme – being courteous while driving on the road. By paying attention to your surroundings while driving and following the rules of the road you will serve yourself and others well. There you have it – our candidates for your 2013 New Year’s Driving Resolutions. We can increase safety and lower stress if all drivers would give these a try in the upcoming new year.

Happy New Year and safe driving in 2013.

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