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Why Choose iGottaDrive.com?

At iGottaDrive, we are committed to providing a clear and engaging education online that will help you become a great driver out on the road. Our coursework is designed to be simple, accessible, and straightforward so you’ll be ready to ace your written driver’s test with ease. Our goal at igottadrive.com is for you to succeed with our course, and then get behind the wheel so that you can achieve the exciting milestone of getting your driver’s license.

Our driver’s ed course, “Hit the Road,” replaces the traditional 3024-hour classroom course with a fun, digital road trip across the United States. Gone are the days of worrying about showing up to class on time! With flexible online access to all the materials you need, you have the luxury of working through the course at your own pace, whenever and wherever you want. You can start or pause the lessons at any time. You can even go back and review challenging sections to thoroughly prepare yourself for the exam.

We have been licensed and approved by the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) to administer driving instruction and certifications. This Ohio driving school online course has been successfully completed by over 10,000 students and counting. The lessons are uniquely designed to include graphics, videos, and demonstrations of driving maneuvers to help you better understand the material in a variety of engaging formats. There are multiple points of review in each section that are designed to help you remember important driving-related information and strengthen your knowledge as a prospective driver.


What To Expect

The state of Ohio requires students under the age of 18 to spend at least 24 total hours in their driver’s education course. As you move from lesson to lesson, you will notice timers and checkpoints. The time log on this course only accrues time when you are answering quiz questions. Simply opening the course does not apply time to the 24 hours needed for your certificate. These hours are carefully monitored and tracked to verify that you have received all of the necessary instructions and can meet the state requirement for instruction time.

Ohio state requirements also limit the learning time of online courses to four (4) hours per 24-hour period and you are required to take a break every two hours. Plan your days accordingly to finish on time.

There are two major quizzes and one final exam in the course. The state requires students to pass each quiz with a score of 80% or higher to be eligible to move to the next section. After one failed attempt, students must review the material before attempting the quiz again. Students must pass the final exam with a score of 80% or higher to complete the course. The final exam is limited to two (2) attempts by state law. 

Once you pass the course we will transmit your Completion Statement to the BMV and email you a copy. Be sure to take a printed version of this with you to the BMV when applying for your permit. This is the documentation that proves you have completed an eligible course, and it will be accepted by any local BMV so that you can begin working toward obtaining a license. 

Once you have your permit you can begin logging hours spent practicing behind the wheel. Ohio requires eight hours of in-car driving instruction, as well as 50 hours of adult-supervised driving while you have your permit. At least 10 of these hours must be at night before 12AM so that you can practice driving in a variety of times and road conditions.

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To get started today, simply purchase one of our online coursework packages. We offer basic, premium, or preferred, each with a variety of features. After you select a package, create your account with a memorable password and fill out the security questions. Security questions are case sensitive, and you only have two attempts before you are locked out for 24 hours. Set up your account with a password and questions that you can easily remember.

Once you have set up your account, you are ready to begin working through the online lessons at your own pace. Remember, the state requires you to spend a minimum of 24 active hours in your course, so there is no need to rush. Take your time to really internalize the material so that you will be prepared to pass the exam on your first attempt.


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