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Ohio Online Driver's Ed Resource Citations

“Injury, Collision, & Theft Losses By make and model, 2003-2005 models” Sept 2006. Highway Loss Data Institute

“Crashes by Crash Severity: 1990 to 2007” US National Highway Safety Traffic Administration

Parking Lot Design: Theory & Concepts.

What Would Happen if You Put Your Car in Reverse While Driving?

“Analysis of Fatal Motor Vehicle Traffic Crashes and Fatalities at Intersections, 1997 to 2004” Feb 2007. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Drivers Overtaking Bicyclists study, August 2006

Roundabouts (History, Safety, How to Use)

“Red Light Running”, Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

“Straddling Lanes a Safe Call for Motorcyclists, Experts Say” Los Angeles Times, January 1996

“Traffic: Why We Drive the Way We Do (and What It Says About Us)” by Tom Vanderbilt, 2009

“Human Factors in Traffic Crashes” Rudolf G Mortimer; published in Handbook of Hman Factors in Litigation, edited by Y. Ian Noy, Waldemar Karwowski

“How Safe is the School Bus?”

“Teach Your Teen to be a Smart Passenger”, May 22, 2010

“Male Teen Driving Habits Change with Passenger” by Alex Chadwick

“Fatal Impact – The Physics of Speeding Cars”

“Rollover 101: How rollovers happen and what you can do to avoid one”

“A Comparison of the Cell Phone Driver and the Drunk Driver”, David L Stayer, Frank A. Drews, and Dennis J. Crouch, Univeristy of Utah

100-Car Naturalistic Driving Study, Virginia Tech Transportation Institute


Ohio Law Topics found in our Course
Topic Ohio Revised Code
Probationary license- restrictions, violations 4507.071
Temporary instruction permit 4507.05v1
Seat belt usage 4513.263v2
Emergency vehicles 4511.03
No pedestrians on freeway 4511.051
Secondary offense 4511.93
Obeying traffic control devices 4511.12
Lane use arrows 4511.131
Traffic light not working 4511.132
Pedestrian control signals 4511.14
OVI Definition 4511.181
OVI, amounts of alcohol and drugs that constitute impaired 4511.19
Implied consent 4511.191
Having physical control of vehicle while under the influence 4511.194
Seizing and detaining vehicle of driver has prior OVI conviction 4511.195
Remote continuous alcohol monitor 4511.198
Operation in willful or wanton disregard of the safety of persons or property 4511.2
Operation off street or highway in willful or wanton disregard of the safety of persons or property 4511.201
Wrongful enstrustment of motor vehicle 4511.203
Driving while texting 4511.204
Use of (electronic) devices by persons under 18 years old 4511.205
Speed limits - assured clear distance 4511.21
When emergency vehicle approaches 4511.213
Driving too slowly 4511.22
Lane choice 4511.25
Street racing (misdemeanor, license suspended 30 days-3 years 4511.251
Passing and being passed 4511.27
Passing on the left 4511.29
Roundabouts- stay to the right 4511.32
Space between moving vehicles 4511.34
Rules for turns at intersections 4511.36
Rules for turnarounds (U-turns, 3 pt turns, etc) 4511.37
Stop and turn signals (using them) 4511.39
Hand signals 4511.4
Right of way at intersections 4511.41
Right of way when turning left 4511.42
Right of way at through highways, stop signs, yield signs 4511.43
Stop before crossing a sidewalk 4511.431
Right of way, pedestrian on sidewalk 4511.441
Right of way, pedestrian in crosswalk 4511.46
Right of way blind person 4511.47
Right of way yielded by pedestrian (jaywalking) 4511.48
Passing streetcar discharging passengers- safety zone 4511.58, 4511.60
Stopping at railroad crossings (15-50 ft) 4511.62
Vehicles that must stop before crossing train tracks 4511.63
Prohibition against parking on highways 4511.66
Parking, prohibited acts 4511.68
Parking requirements (12" of curb) 4511.69
Obstructing intersection 4511.712
Following emergency vehicle too closely (500ft) 4511.72
Stopping for stopped school bus 4511.75
Child restraint system 4511.81, 4511.81v2
Littering 4511.82
Earphones or ear plugs on driver prohibited 4511.84
Increased penalties for construction zones 4511.98
Proof of insurance required 4513.022
Time for headlights (sunset to sunrise, or when wipers needed) 4513.03
Animal-drawn or SMV, lamps, reflectors 4513.11
Record of traffic violations 4513.37
Insurance requirements 4509.01-4509.78
Juvenile driver improvement programs 4510.311
Suspension of license of minor on withdrawal from school or habitual absence 4510.32
Minor using license to purchase alcohol 4510.33