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Ohio Teen Drivers Ed Course

Important for Ohio students:

  • The Time log only accrues time when the student is answering quiz questions. Just opening the course does not apply time to the 24 hours needed for your certificate.
  • The state of Ohio limits the learning time to 4 hours per a 24 hour period and requires you take a break every 2 hours. Plan your days accordingly to finish on time.
  • Security questions are case sensitive and you only have two attempts before you are locked out for 24 hours.

What's in the Course?

The igottadrive.com course was designed to replace the standard 24 hours of classroom time required to gain a license. The actual completion time may vary based on your efforts, but the sooner you get started the sooner you will be able to finish. And, since the course is online, you can start and stop whenever you need to and go back to review challenging sections as often as necessary.

We want to make the entire experience as convenient as possible, so you can participate on your laptop or iPad – whichever you prefer. We also want our students to be fully engaged with the information, so we’ve filled the course with engaging graphics, videos, and lessons so you can learn the material and the various driving maneuvers in a fun and interesting way.

At igottadrive.com we developed our course over many years, and it is based on the success of more than 10,000 students learning to drive safely. Each section of the course has multiple tests that will help you retain your knowledge and build your skills.

We are confident with our Ohio driver’s ed online course and believe you will find it a huge confidence builder as well.