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Ohio Teen Drivers Ed Permit

The Simple Steps To Get a Permit

  1. Register for an igottadrive.com online driver’s ed course – We use the most recent and effective instructional techniques to present the material in an informative an engaging way.

  2. Complete the course – You can become a better, safer driver by spending enough time in our course, and get the education you need to pass your instruction permit test.

  3. Bring the right documents to the DPS – Once you’ve completed the course, you’ll need to take your birth certificate,,and a small payment to the DPS office (The money is for a processing fee at the DPS).

  4. Pass the DPS knowledge test – This is the test we’ve been preparing you for. They will administer it at your local office, and if you’ve completed your lessons, you should be more than ready.

  5. Get a DPS photo – The DPSwill need to take your picture for the instruction permit. Smile. You’re going to be driving soon.

  6. Hit the road – You now have everything you need to start practicing your driving maneuvers under the supervision of a parent, guardian, or adult over 21 years old.

Now that you have completed your Ohio Online Drivers Ed and have your permit in hand you’re ready to start getting some in-car training. You’ve got the road test coming up before you can get your license, so put your new instruction permit to good use before returning to the DPS for your skills test. You’ve got a little time, now, so use it to practice, practice, and practice some more.