Orion High School

The benefits of our partnership with Orion High School

Why not earn high school credit while you learn the theory of driving in California. Our learning partner Orion High School will provide you with a transcript for up to a one full credit upon completion of our course. Have the peace of mind knowing you are working on two things at once while learning to drive and prepping for your California DMV skills & knowledge test.

Upon completion of our course you will have the opportunity to purchase your hard earned credit to help you meet your goals of driving and graduating! The cost is $50 plus shipping per 1/2 credit. The transcript will be sent directly to your high school. Please check with your California high school to make sure they will accept the credits.

Purchase our course with confidence knowing you will be getting the knowledge and information you need to pass your California DMV skills & knowledge test and getting credit at the same time.

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