Passing School Bus

A recent Washington State test has shown that an alarming number of drivers pass stopped school buses. Now that its “Back to School” time of the year, we urge everyone to use caution around school buses and school grounds. For starters, please review the “Back to School” video for a refresher for both new and experienced drivers on driving near school grounds and buses.

Stopped school bus with children boarding.

The study shows that during a single day test in Washington state, 1,523 drivers illegally passed stopped school buses. This is an alarming number which can be attributed to drivers either not paying attention or in too much of a hurry to drive safely. Even more alarming was that during that same single day 32 drivers passed stopped school buses on the right hand side, which is the side where children board the bus. This is an incredibly stupid maneuver for a driver and puts the lives of children at risk.

All drivers need to realize that school is back in session and pay attention to the laws regarding driving around school buses. Also, please review our video which will help get drivers back in the mode of driving when school is in session.

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