Santa Practices His Driving

Santa Claus is known as one of the best sleigh drivers in the world. After all, he’s been doing this for many years and I don’t ever remember him being involved in a collision. That’s a fantastic driving record. I’m sure that he learned to drive his sleigh long before drivers ed was available. Even though Saint Nick has been driving his sleigh for many, many years he still practices prior to the big day. In this picture we can see him working out with a few of his reindeer. They look a bit motley at this point but I’m sure they will be in top shape for the big day.

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Santa is working hard to get in shape. The reindeer had a tough summer and the elves look a bit tired, but I have no doubt they will be ready.

A few notes about Santa’s excellent driving record:

  • Lots of experience has helped Santa be ready for all situations.
  • Minimal distractions as there are no electronics on the sleigh and Santa doesn’t own a cell phone.
  • Rudolph’s red nose alerts others to their location.

What we can learn from Santa is that getting lots of quality practice and minimizing distractions increases safe driving.

Happy Holidays!

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