We make the learning & licensing process smooth for your child giving you one less thing to worry about. To help ease the pain, we've created a custom content calendar to keep you informed.


The online driver’s ed course, aptly named Hit the Road, will take you on a virtual road trip across the United States. As you progress from state to state you will learn everything from basic seat adjustments to complex maneuvers like merging and parallel parking.


Keep in mind our program allows you to start and stop anytime and go back and review any completed section as well. Our online driver’s ed course is designed for your success and backed by over 10,000 students who have already completed our programs. We have packed it full of engaging graphics and video to make your experience a solid way to learn driver’s ed online and pass your permit exam.

Don’t worry about buying extra practice tests as you can take the final exam in our course over and over or until you pass. So get buckled up and enjoy the ride towards independence behind the wheel. Take your online driver’s ed today!

Our driver’s ed program is unique and take students on a virtual road trip across the U.S while learning how to be a knowledgeable and safe driver. Students who successfully complete the program are prepared to pass the driver’s permit exam the first time. Our program has various learning interactions to keep students engaged in their driving education.


For the entire driver's ed course, we'll be here to answer questions as students learn everything from basic seat adjustments to complex maneuvers like parallel parking. Parents can rest easy knowing that our course was created by a team with experience teaching over 10,000 students how to drive safely. Using evidence-based research studies on safe driving, we've come up with a course citing many of the most-respected figures in the industry without the thick veil of academia. Our Online Driver's Ed course fullfills the drivers education classroom requirements in California and can be used as supplemental training in other states. In California, students will receive a certificate of completion.

Our Goal

Help every student that finishes our online driver’s ed course to remain collision-free for their entire life. We find that keeping them engaged and interested in the material is the best way to make this a reality. Also, please visit our parent teen agreement section for a vital safety aid developed by the CDC.

We share a passion for safe driving and its our hope that future students will as well.

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