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Today we launched an updated igottadrive.com web site. To say it is an update is an understatement as we have added new content, made the site much easier to navigate, and added our online drivers ed program available in all 50 states. This article describes what is now available on the updated web site. Hopefully you will take a few minutes, check out our web site, and provide us with feedback via the “feedback” button. And if you like the update, a Google +1 and/or Facebook like would be greatly appreciated.

Our online drivers ed program is now available in all 50 states. In California, it is DMV approved to replace the 30 hour classroom requirement. In other words, those in California can take our online drivers ed program from anywhere they have Internet access. In the other states, our program is a great supplemental learning program and can enhance driving skills and the chances of passing the drivers theory test in any state.

Site navigation has been greatly improved by making all of our driver education resources easily available. The righthand sidebar typically contains access to a wide variety of resources on our site. Additionally, if you are a tablet or mobile user, igottadrive.com now responds to the size of your device and provides a great experience on all devices.

We have a variety of resources available as follows:

  • State specific information is available from the Student Page. No matter what state you’re in, vital information such as the minimum driving age and state driving departmental links are available in one central location.
  • Product reviews are proudly displayed on the home page for all to see. We want the world to see what our customers think of our products.
  • An extensive instructional video library is easily accessible and available to all visitors.
  • There is a collection of infographics available. These include both informational and just plain fun driving visuals.
  • And of course, we have a blog containing a variety of topical driving articles. The blog is searchable and all of the articles are grouped into categories making it easy to read a collection of related articles.

Please visit our updated web site and check out the driving resources available for free. And if you are in need of drivers ed, we offer the best program in the marketplace now available in all 50 states.

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