What Do You Learn in Online Driver’s Ed?

Your teen is likely eager to get their driver’s license, but you want them to be prepared for the realities of getting behind the wheel. Online drivers ed from iGottadrive can be the answer you’re looking for. We’re here to educate your teen driver on how to be safe.

Online Driver’s Ed

iGottadrive provides an in-depth online driver’s education course to help your teen learn what they need to know to pass their written exam. Once they have gone through the online course, many students pass their permit test for the first time.

The online course from iGottadrive provides the information needed to be prepared for the written exam. You can’t get your permit to practice driving until you pass the written portion, which ensures you understand the basics of the road rules for your state. The course will teach you about signs and dealing with traffic so that you know the right answers to the questions.

Preparation for Driving

The fun and educational online driver’s ed course from iGottadrive is titled “Hit the Road.” It takes you across the country on a virtual trip as you learn the basics of driving. The course covers information like how to adjust your seats and how to merge into traffic. It teaches you how to position your mirrors to see behind you and how to hold your hands on the wheel.

You will learn about defensive driving and how to recognize signs along the route. You’ll get to practice skills like signaling to turn and slowing down. The class uses video and graphics to keep you engaged. The course covers all major rules of the road, such as switching lanes and who has the right-of-way if multiple cars get to the intersection at the same time.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Another feature of the driving course from iGottadrive is that you don’t need to buy practice driving tests. In each approved State, the tests come with the course, and you can take them over and over until you know the information well enough to pass. If you struggle with an area, you can keep practicing until you’ve memorized the information.

Once you feel confident that you can pass the written permit test, you are ready for the next step. You can complete the test and receive your driving permit, which allows you to start practicing behind the wheel.

Recognized Course Value

The course with iGottadrive meets the classroom requirements for driver’s education in California. It is also used as supplemental training in other states. You receive a certificate of completion if you are based in California and are ready to take your driving test. For Ohio drivers, it replaces the required 24 hours of classroom time while it also takes care of the 30 hours necessary for Colorado.

Over 10,000 students have already taken the course and moved on to the next phase of learning to drive. It also serves as a refresher for adults who want to enhance their driving skills.

The course limits you to four hours of learning per day with breaks included. You can complete the course in six days. Since you learn at your own pace, you can take longer if needed. The program also allows you to go back and review information if you need extra assistance.

Getting Behind the Wheel

After you complete the course from iGottadrive, you will still need to fulfill the requirements for time behind the wheel for your state. You can schedule driving practice with your local driving school. Once you have spent the required time in the driver’s seat, you can take your test for your driver’s license.

Online driver’s ed helps you be prepared for when you are driving. Most teens are nervous about getting behind the wheel for the first time. The online course can help you feel more confident about driving. You learn the material thoroughly enough to pass the test, which makes it easier to remember when you are putting the information into practice as a driving student.

Take Online Drivers Ed From iGottadrive

We offer multiple options for our online program. You can choose our Basic, Advanced, or Premium programs, depending on how much practice you need. The Premium program provides unlimited tests and is specific to your state. It’s designed to help you get your permit and includes a pool of 250 questions. The Advanced course is ideal for getting your driver’s license and is also specific to your state with a pool of 100 questions. The Advanced option allows you to practice the test up to 10 times.

If your teen is ready to get their permit, consider an online driver’s ed course with iGottadrive. Our engaging program helps students learn the material and become safer drivers. As a parent, you can feel confident that they are prepared for the next step toward their driver’s license and becoming a great driver.

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