What to Expect During Driving Lessons

You may wonder what to expect when you take driving lessons. What will happen before, during, and after those lessons can be concerning for you or your teen driver because of the safety factors involved once you actually get on the road. iGottadrive.com makes learning to drive practical and fun while providing all the information needed to stay safe.

What You Learn Before You Hit the Road

iGottadrive.com offers online driving school to prepare you for getting out on the road behind the wheel of a vehicle. Our innovative course is titled “Hit the Road.” It takes you on a virtual road trip around the country where you will learn basic skills to help you stay safe on the highways.

Our course teaches you how to adjust your seat, how to merge into traffic, and even how to parallel park. It comes with graphics and videos to keep lessons interesting. When you stay engaged, you learn more and become a better and safer driver.

The program includes practice driving exams to help you feel more prepared for your actual written driving test. Take the practice test as often as necessary to know the material. You can start and stop the course at any point until you have time to come back to it later. You can even review the information you have gone through to give you a better understanding of the rules of the road.

Taking Driving Lessons

Once you complete the online course, you can take the written test. When you pass, you will receive your permit, which allows you to get behind the wheel for real-life driving practice. The online course replaces classroom instruction, which makes it more convenient to get the required training you need on your own schedule.

After your teen driver has their permit, you can take them to a local driver’s school where they will follow up with driving lessons. iGottadrive can provide a list of the closest on-the-road driver training locations. Once you complete the required number of hours behind the wheel for your state, you’re ready to take the driving test for your license.

What You Will Learn During Driving Lessons

Once you’re ready for the hands-on portion of learning to drive, you will work with a licensed instructor. You will learn how the vehicle works and how to stay safe. You will also learn how to drive in city traffic and on the highway.

The instructor will teach you about making turns, backing up, parking, and merging into traffic. They will go over all the information you learned in your online driving course and how it applies to your experience behind the wheel. You will learn about defensive driving and how to stay safe in various situations.

When you complete your lessons, you will have gained valuable experience in driving. You will feel much more prepared to take the driving test to get your license. If you have a teen who will learn to drive, you can let them know there’s no need to be nervous. The instructor will guide them through the various aspects of driving as they feel ready.

One of the benefits of taking an online driving course with iGottadrive is that they will have learned what they need to know to get behind the wheel. Through their virtual road trip, they will have responded to various situations and made decisions on how to stay safe. Once they are driving, they will remember the information when it’s needed.

How iGottadrive Prepares You for Driving Lessons

Because you have already completed our virtual road trip, you will feel like you have some experience the first time you get in the driver’s seat. You will have more confidence as you drive down the road because you already know basic safety and defensive driving. You apply that knowledge as it becomes necessary in your practice driving.

The virtual road trip makes it easier to understand these concepts compared to just reading them on a page. These safety skills are brought to life as you travel around the country and make decisions at the moment, just as you would in real life. Your teen driver will feel more confident when they put the information into practice and when they finally have their driver’s license.

Our convenient and comprehensive course is accredited by several states. We also have an outstanding pass rate of 99.2%. This proves that our students are learning the material that is presented because it’s fun and practical. It also means they are better prepared to take the next step, which is to drive. As parents, you can enjoy greater peace of mind because your teen driver has a better understanding of what it’s like to be in the driver’s seat.

If you are ready to give the keys to your teen driver, sign them up for driving lessons that will keep them safe and informed. Let iGottadrive prepare your teen for the road with our unique online driving course.

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