How Do you Teach A Scared Teenager to Drive?

Learning how to drive can be intimidating, and even scary for some teenagers. There are several things you can do to teach your scared teenager to drive. Help your teenager become a confident driver when you use these practice tips and sign your teenager up for iGottadrive teen driving school.

Understand Their Fears

Most teenagers are excited to learn to drive, get their driver’s permit, and pass the driver’s test. It is natural for new drivers to have some fear when it comes to learning how to operate a car.

If your teenager has more than just beginner’s nerves, talk to your teenager to understand their fears. When you know why they are scared, you will be able to teach them how to manage stress and overcome their fears.

If your teenager is scared of specific driving skills, you will have the ability to lessen their fear. Break the skill down into easy-to-understand steps and build their confidence.

If they’re scared of merging onto the highway, practice merging at times of the day when traffic flow is low. Successfully merging will boost their confidence. Practice the skill often before changing to a time when traffic is heavier. When your teenager is confident in their abilities, their fears will decrease.

Don’t Pressure Them

Teenagers can be under a lot of pressure to learn how to drive. Pressure can come from home or school. While you might not reduce the peer pressure your teenager experiences, you can reduce pressure at home.

If your teenager is scared to drive, don’t put pressure on them to master driving quickly. Give them ample practice time and let them know you support them, even if they are scared. When your teenager knows you support and understands them, they can let go of the pressure they put on themselves.

Practice in Good Driving Conditions

Drivers have to navigate all kinds of driving conditions. When teenagers begin driving it is a good idea to start practicing in good driving conditions. Have your teenager practice their driving when the weather is nice and there’s high visibility. It can be stressful to learn to drive in rainy, icy, and foggy conditions.

If your teen is scared to drive in high-traffic conditions, do your best to schedule practice time when you know roads aren’t busy. Try practicing on the weekends and stay away from crowded areas, like stadiums or shopping malls. Don’t schedule driving practice during rush hour.

Know Where You’re Going

One of the best ways you can set your teen driver up for success is to know where you’re going. It’s even better if they are familiar with the roads.

If you have to give driving directions to your teen, make sure to give them enough time to change lanes, merge, or slow down and turn. Giving directions with ample time allows your teen to think and plan for what they have to do.

Having a plan can help you to practice a specific skill. If you are driving near a park, you can have your teen practice their parking skills. If you don’t know where you are going, it will be harder for you to give directions because you are making up a plan as they drive. This can add to their stress.

Use Our Available Resources

Use iGottadrive’s available resources to help your teen driver learn necessary driving skills. We have put together a collection of 20 videos that explain and demonstrate everything from mirror adjustment to highway driving. Students can even take written practice tests

Reduce Distractions

You will not have the ability to control all distractions, but you can minimize some. Try having your teen practice driving when you two are the only ones in the car. Other people in the car can easily distract your teen driver.

Keep the radio off or on a low volume. Silence your cell phone and make sure their phone is put away. Never encourage your teen driver to drive while texting or distracted.

Set Achievable Milestones

Reluctant teenager drivers can benefit from having goals. Set achievable milestones for your teen driver to reach for. Milestones can be small and increase in complexity over time.

Driving milestones for your teenager could include parking, reversing, neighborhood driving, city driving, then highway driving. If needed, break these milestones down into smaller goals.

Praise Progression and Positive Habits

Your teenager might not say it, but they look for your approval. You can tell them you notice their hard work when you praise their progress. Praise their positive driving habits.

Praising your teenager will help them build confidence while driving. The more confident they are, the less fearful they will become. Your teen will take pride in how far their driving ability has come.

Teen Driving School

You can help your teenager become a confident driver by enrolling them in iGottadrive driving school. Many driving schools have courses geared to teaching teenagers how to drive. Driving schools have experience teaching many teenagers how to drive with confidence and pass their driver’s test.

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