How Teen Driving School Will Help Your Teen Be a Better Driver

If you have a teenager who is anxious to get their license, you may be considering a teen driving school. Perhaps you want someone else to teach your teen the basics of driving before you get behind the wheel with them. iGottaDrive can help your teen become a better driver with our online driving program.

A Different Approach to Teen Driving School

iGottaDrive has developed a unique approach to driving school for teens. Instead of just providing information for them to read or presenting a lecture that bores them, our program keeps teens engaged. Aptly titled Hit the Road, this program takes the road trip approach to make learning to drive fun.

Your student will travel across the United States virtually on this road trip. As you travel to the next state on your path, you will learn all about driving. You’ll have the opportunity to experience the information firsthand instead of just reading about it. You’ll learn about the importance of using your seatbelt and learning different driving maneuvers.

This program covers numerous aspects of driving that you may not experience when you first get behind the wheel. You may start learning to drive in the summer and not have to deal with icy road conditions. This program will help you be prepared for all kinds of situations that you may face in the future.

Practice Learning the Information

One of the best features of iGottaDrive’s program is that you can stop anytime and start again when it’s convenient for you. You can go back and review sections that you may need to remember better. You can also work at your own pace to ensure you retain the information. The course is designed to limit you to four hours of learning per day. With the material covering the 24-hour requirement of classroom education, your teen could finish this course in as little as 6 days if they are eager to finish quickly.

We made the program work for very different kinds of learners. We use video if you like to see information in action. Our graphics add color and keep you engaged. You also get to take the practice test multiple times until you feel comfortable with the permit exam. More than 10,000 students have taken the course and passed their driver’s permit, many of which succeeded on their first try.

A Complete Education

iGottaDrive’s course replaces the classroom portion of learning to drive. This means that you don’t have to drive your kid to a teen driving school. Instead, they can work around their busy schedules to learn when they want online. All you need is a computer and access to the internet to work on our course.

The information is presented in bite-size amounts, which keeps it from being too overwhelming. It covers everything they need to know. You don’t need to worry that you might forget to explain an important concept.

Parent and Teen Driving Agreement

iGottaDrive provides a parent-teen driving agreement for you to download. Have your teen sign it and put it somewhere in your home as a reminder of their commitment to being safe and responsible drivers. The agreement includes promises that the teen will be a safe driver by remembering their seatbelt and following other safety rules. It also covers restrictions that the parent can put in place, such as not driving after a certain time or not transporting more than a specific number of passengers. The agreement includes penalties for any violations.

The teen signs the agreement, which helps to serve as a reminder of their commitment. Because the teen is aware of the rules and is held accountable, they will be more likely to follow through when they are on the road.

The restrictions help prevent teens from getting into dangerous situations. It limits their time behind the wheel without another adult present until they become more familiar with the road. As the teen driver gets more used to being behind the wheel, they are less likely to be involved in a crash. They will also remember what they learned in driving school when a situation arises, which will help them feel more in control and better able to handle stressful situations.

Choose the Right Online Teen Driving School

If your teen gets anxious to pass the test for their learner’s permit, you can help them to focus on becoming better drivers. The online driving course from iGottaDrive will give parents peace of mind, and give teens the knowledge they need to pass their test and be prepared to get behind the wheel.

To get started, visit iGottaDrive and select the state where you live. Find out the requirements for your state and how our program will help. We include everything you need to know to get your teen their permit and to start them on the way to a lifetime of safe and smart driving.

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